Word Lists and Sample Phrases and Sentences

A. "Scene City" Initial /s/ Word List:

STS Artic Town

ANIMATED/INTERACTIVE STIMULUS ITEMS: sad, sand, saw, sew, sip, sock, sun, sandals, seagull, seahorse, suitcase, sundae, soccer ball, circus tent.

ADDITIONAL STIMULUS ITEMS (NON-ANIMATED): cent, cereal, sailboat, sailor, sale, Sally's, Sam's, sandbox, sandwich, Saturday, sea, seal, Seamstress, September, sewing machine, Silly O's, singers, sink, soap, soda, sofa, soldier, suit, Sunday, Super Toy Store, surf board, surfer,


  1. Scented soap
  2. One cent
  3. Sad baby
  4. Saturday and Sunday
  5. Sew the suit.
  6. Kai is sipping a soda.
  7. Kai is sipping a soda at Sam's.
  8. Mia is sitting on the sofa.
  9. Seamstress Sally sews suits.
  10. The surfer is riding his surfboard on the sea.

B. "Princess Mia's Castle" Medial /s/ Words:

STS Artic Town

ANIMATED/INTERACTIVE STIMULUS ITEMS: castle, basket, glasses, lobster, dancer, lasso, popsicle, bicycle, police man, crescent moon, baseball bat, grasshopper, princess.

ADDITIONAL STIMULUS ITEMS (NON-ANIMATED): dinosaur, faucet, unicycle, dresser, pencil, eraser, motorcycle, fossil, whistle, seesaw, police officer.


  1. Big dinosaur
  2. Pencil and eraser
  3. Baby in a basket
  4. He can lasso.
  5. He can whistle.
  6. The popsicle is melting.
  7. Princess Mia has a castle.
  8. Hit the baseball with the baseball bat.
  9. Little Chicken rides his bicycle.
  10. The police officer blows his whistle.

C. "Kai's Ttreehouse" Final /s/ Words

STS Artic Town

ANIMATED/INTERACTIVE STIMULUS ITEMS: ice, dice, chess, bus, geese, caboose, dog house, tree house, compass, mattress, thermos, fireplace, hourglass, octopus, purse.

ADDITIONAL STIMULUS ITEMS (NON-ANIMATED): tennis, shoelace, lettuce, carrots, tortoise, nurse, ambulance, blouse, price, cactus, bird house, walrus, moose, hippopotamus, necklace, flower vase, bookcase, grass, house.


  1. Cold ice
  2. Yellow purse
  3. Lettuce and carrots
  4. Bus ride
  5. The tortoise is eating lettuce.
  6. The nurse has a purse and a blouse.
  7. The octopus is wearing a necklace.
  8. Kai is in the tree house with a compass.
  9. The walrus and moose are riding in the bus.
  10. The bookcase is in the house.

D. "Snowflake Ski Slope" Final /s/ Words

STS Artic Town

ANIMATED/INTERACTIVE STIMULUS ITEMS: sled, ski store, swan, sweep, swing, snack shop, snowman, spaceship, spider, spinner, scarf, stop sign, swiss cheese.

ADDITIONAL STIMULUS ITEMS (NON-ANIMATED): ski lift, skunk, sky diver, skeleton, skillet, school, sleigh, slide, smoke, smiley, snake, snow ,snowflake, snowman, snowball, snowmobile, space man, spaghetti, spoon, ,star, Stan (snowman), statue, stethoscope, stoplight, stove, students, strawberry stand, swim,


  1. Skeleton on skis
  2. Smoke in shop
  3. Little skunk
  4. Snowy mountain
  5. Mia eats spaghetti.
  6. The spider spins a web.
  7. Stan the snowman throws snowballs.
  8. The police officer is holding a stop sign.
  9. Zeek rides the sled down the hill.
  10. The spaceship is spinning.

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